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Agronomy - Grow with It!
by Comfort Ateh, Melanie Bayles, Greg Welbaum, and Judy Mannes
Author:Comfort Ateh, Melanie Bayles, Greg Welbaum, and Judy Mannes
Number of pages:112 pages
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Agronomy—Grow with It! explores the science of agriculture. Agronomy is the science we use to grow the crops that feed us, feed our livestock, and even fuel our cars. It's a science that tackles the big challenge of our future: How can we grow enough food to end world hunger—and, at the same time, adapt to a changing climate and protect our environment? Meet 20 real agronomists who face that challenge every day. They have very different careers, but they share the same passion—"growing" a science that makes a difference. Seven sections cover main topics in agronomy and align with basic science topics in the Next Generation Science Standards: Agronomists Feed the World • Crops: Sooo Much More than Food • Problems with Pests • Bringing Crops and Livestock to the Farm... Together • Water Matters! Getting Enough...Keeping it Safe • Soil: We Gotta Have It, But Will We? • Coping With Climate Change  Audience: Aimed at Grades 6–8, of interest to older and younger students alike! Softcover, 8 1/2 x 11". 2016. ASA. Item: B10294. View an Excerpt (PDF).

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