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Tall Fescue for the Twenty-first Century
by H.A. Fribourg, D.B. Hannaway, and C.P. West, ed.
Author:H.A. Fribourg, D.B. Hannaway, and C.P. West, ed.
Number of pages:540 pages
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The story of tall fescue is not just a story for grass scientists, but for scientists. Beginning with the discovery of a green Kentucky pasture, and the spiral of poor animal performance that followed, the study of tall fescue is an ongoing puzzle, with an intricate series of biochemical and physiological processes and interactions among animals, plants, fungi, and the environment. It reveals how science develops and moves through disciplines, challenges, and new advances in research and technology. Topics covered include the history and classification of tall fescue; its ecological suitability and adaptation; establishment and management; pests and control methods; its utilization, quality, and anti-quality factors; genetic improvement; seed production and marketing; and turf and conservation uses. H.A. Fribourg, D.B. Hannaway, and C.P. West, ed. Hardcover, 540 pages, 2009; ASA, CSSA, SSSA. Agron. Monogr. 53. ISBN: 978-0-89118-172-9. Item number: B40725. Click Here to View the Table of Contents (PDF)


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