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Soil Fertility Management in Agroecosystems
--by Amitava Chatterjee and David Clay, editors
Agronomy - Grow with It!
--by Comfort Ateh, Melanie Bayles, Greg Welbaum, and Judy Mannes
Know Soil, Know Life
--by David L. Lindbo, Deb A. Kozlowski, and Clay Robinson, editors
Managing Nitrogen in Crop Production
--by Peter Scharf
Improving Modeling Tools to Assess Climate Change Effects on Crop Response
--by Jerry L. Hatfield and David Fleisher, editors
Synthesis and Modeling of Greenhouse Gas Fluxes and Carbon Changes in Agricultural and Forest System
--by S. Del Grosso, W. Parton, and L. Ahuja, editors
Labile Organic Matter - Chemical Compositions, Function and Significance in the Soil and the Environ
--by Zhongqi He and Fengchang Wu, editors
Coolbean the Soybean
--by Shawn Conley
Agricultural and Environmental Applications of Biochar: Advances and Barriers
--by Mingxin Guo, Zhongqi He, and Sophie Minori Uchimiya, editors

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