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Soil Management: Building a Stable Base for Agriculture
by Jerry L. Hatfield and Thomas J. Sauer, ed.
Author:Jerry L. Hatfield and Thomas J. Sauer, ed.
Number of pages:430 pages
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Unique because of its treatment of soil management based on principles—the physical, chemical, and biological processes and how together they form the foundation for soil management—this book pulls it all together. Whether new to soil science or needing a concise reference, readers will learn to integrate the science of soils with management issues and long-term conservation. Degradation of soils colliding with increasing climate variation will eventually create a local, regional, or even global crisis, but it's not too late if we implement our ever-expanding scientific understanding of soils. Jerry L. Hatfield and Thomas J. Sauer, ed. Hardcover, 430 pages. 2011. ASA and SSSA. ISBN: 978-0-89118-853-7. Item number: B50804. Click Here to View the Table of Contents (PDF)


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